Welcome to our rather cheesy titled blog post ‘HOME from HOME’, we toyed with the idea of ‘Push, Push it real GOOD!’ but we felt that ‘HOME from HOME’ was actually exactly how we felt about our time there, so here we go…

Kevin Jaimeson senior theatre producer at HOME and Mighty Heart friend came along to support us back in March 2015 at our first showing of ‘When I Feel Like Crap I Google Kim Kardashian Fat’, and the next thing we know we are donning our sparkly capes at the super wonderful venue HOME for PUSH Festival, with our two shows, ‘What’s the Matter With You?’ and ‘When I Feel Like Crap I Google Kim Kardashian Fat’… I guess what we mean is THANK YOU KEVIN!

PUSH Festival is a vibrant and exciting new festival at HOME full of up and coming theatre makers. We got to see and spend time with such a great gang of creative folk, Square Peg Theatre, Babel Theatre, The 1121 Collective, Sheep Knuckle and Hercules Productions. Bloody wonderful!

Joe from Babel Theatre organised a chat for everyone at the start of the festival about ‘Making Theatre in a Cold Climate’ and invited us to be on the panel, so we chucked on some sequins and got chatting. It was lovely to have everyone together, we felt like it really sparked up a fire for everyone to help each other. So i guess making theatre in a cold climate is sort of about, well, helping one another through it!


They asked us to go on BBC Radio…With the supervision of Kevin obvs!


We also pretended to be on the Breakfast show too, which might seem quite special but anyone can do it at Media City, just nip in and sit down! (ps – the BBC cups are glued down)…


We made friends with lots of people at HOME, its easy to make friends there as everyone is so bloomin’ friendly and supportive! We asks Jaime the stage manager to help us with what to do with all our set and stuff, and he kindly sat down with us for a brew…Now we have everything in labelled bags and make many lists! The moral of this story is, just ask!


Our ‘When I Feel Like Crap..’ show finally got a printed ticket…



We got to perform in the T2 Space…so we made extra bunting!


The techies at HOME are wicked…and they don’t mind a cheeky selfie.


Loads of people came to support us…They took Selfies too!

We had the best time at PUSH Festival. We think that HOME is such an exciting place for Manchester Theatre makers. They champion art in such a wonderful way that its hard not to become attached. You will find us in the bar doing our Mighty Heart thing often, not just because we don’t have an office space yet,but because we feel at home there.

Cheers to everyone at HOME and everyone who came along to support us, you are all a load of diamonds!

Peace, Love and Popcorn.

Sam and Lisa






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